Software Platform

MachATE Software Suite


· TestNgine is a software toolkit that can easily create and manage TestScenario for UUT checks.

· It consists of ATStudio operated on a user's Host PC and ATImage mounted on TestNgine HW to run scenarios.

· Flow-chart-based easy and quick test scenario writing program.
· Create many types of test cases through various symbols and commands.
· Support for interworking of the ICD variable's Import and ICD's scenario.
· Ensuring high reliability and reusability of scenarios
· Real-time monitoring and quick analysis of scenario performance is possible
· Scenario execution result report generation and print output function.
· Remote API support.
  • - Provides C++ and C# user API libraries related to scenario execution
  • - A dedicated GUI can be created for scenario execution and result analysis.
· Embedded execution program responsible for interpreting scenarios and executing commands.
· Hard Real-time Execution Environment Support
· Provide various I/O interface control commands.
· Support for remote control of external equipment such as measuring instruments.
· Provides a validated command template for IO interface control.
· Pass/Fail determination and response of commands under various conditions.
· Notification of various status information, timetag, etc. on the performance result.