Professional Service

Integration Development

In addition to designing embedded systems, you can provide all relevant services to customers based
on your long experience in creating and supplying test tools for integration, verification, and testing.
Test performance and integration services are closely related to the experience gained through the project.

Through many projects so far, we can provide optimal services to effectively support testing and verification work at the development and production stages.

System development
and integration

Software development

Hardware development

Model-based development

Third party Tool chain

Embedded System
Design & Consulting

Skills/Experience we have.

  • 1. The ability to design and develop STE/SIL/HILS and test equipment.
  • 2. Aviation Electronics and Flight Controlled IO Interface Technology
  • 3. Experience in integrated aviation electronics and flight (guided) control tests.
  • 4. Development of aircraft electronics and flight (guided) control system models.
  • 5. 6 DOF Flight Control Algorithm Integration Test
  • 6. Integrated aerial vehicle test technology
  • 7. Test automation technology.

    - Automatic creation of Test Case and Test Process through automation tools

    - Automation of test and process through traceability of test needs.

  • 8. Test support technology for reliability test and verification.
  • 9. Experience and technology in developing ATE for maintenance

    - Test ability of JTAG Boundary Scan to verify hardware reliability.

    - Testing and analysis techniques for various data.

  • 10. Airplane exhibition environment development.