Hardware Platform



Real-time simulation H/W device (desktop version) developed in a reduced RN7 format.

· Supports to NXP MPC7457,
QorIQ T1022, T2080 Processor,
Intel i7, Xeon Processor.

· Modular input/output I/F configuration based on VME 64x I/F.

  • - ARINC429/M1553B/CAN
    /DIO/AIO/Ethernet/Serial/SMN, etc.

· Provides a real-time input/output signal processing environment between UUT and RTNgine System.

  • - Up to 350W class AC-DC SMPS configuration for internal system operation.
  • - Internal power monitoring LED configuration (+3.3V, +5V, ±12V)
  • - Single IO connection connector to DB50 Standard (6 ports)
  • - Up to 2ch support for twinax Feedthru dedicated to M1553B
  • - Provide VME 64x I/F 3slot