Automation test equipment for LRU function inspection
and depot maintenance

  • - Spectrum HS is an automatic test equipment for integrated function testing applicable to defense and aerospace development, mass production, and depot maintenance

    It is a high-performance system that enables real-time testing of boards, assemblies, and systems that are difficult to check with existing equipment, especially high-speed bus and I/O tests.

  • - Designed around PXI and LXI measurements, Spectrum HS has the performance, flexibility and completeness required to meet strong analog, digital, mixed signal and bus test specifications.

  • - Inspection SW development can be accelerated using Teradyne's Integrated Test Program Set (TPS)

JTAG Boundary-scan

  • - The JTAG Boundary Scan (IEE Std 1149.1) was developed to address the fundamental technical problems faced by existing PCB assembly test equipment

    (e.g., micropitch, many pins SMD Package, especially BGA).

  • - The JTAG Boundary Scan feature has recently been built into many devices, which allows easy access to pins

  • - Regardless of device package type or complexity without external probing, test signals can be transmitted between devices without physical probing from outside.

  • - In summary, the JTAG Boundary Scan can dramatically reduce time and cost for PCBA board testing and programming