Avionics SIL

Systems Integration Laboratory

The Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL) is an integrated ground test environment for the development of aviation
and electronic systems.

It is used as the most effective tool to verify the reliability of the functions and performance of all aviation and electronic systems.

It is the best solution to test while integrating actual equipment and LRU software models.

SIL is an integrated ground test environment for integrated testing of radar,
avionics, engines, and various armament that high-performance aircraft must have
in place in a similar environment and method to the actual flight situation.

In the process of integrating aircraft-mounted equipment into a single aircraft,
incongruity or frequent system collisions occur. In other words,
it plays a role in harmonizing almost all the hardware and software
that make up the aircraft, from the aircraft development stage to the final
completion and testing stage.

The accuracy and completeness of the SIL play a key role in reducing the risk of aircraft
development and shortening development costs and development periods

The SIL environment provides all integrated aviation and electronic equipment
interworking environments for functional and software verification of mission
equipment and helps analyze errors that occur during system integration.

In actual flight tests, virtual model implementation and fault injection,
convenient switching tests of simulation models and actual equipment, abnormal
mode detection, and various error analysis functions must be provided to enable
testing in extreme flight environments including abnormal modes that cannot be performed.
Real-time processing must be possible for high reliability of test data.

Therefore, SIL construction requires more manpower, time, and highly
accumulated experience than any other equipment development.

REALTIMEWAVE has developed an RTNgine solution optimized for building an SIL
environment through long experience in manufacturing a test environment.

We have launched a flexible and well-integrated test solution with a proven simulation
engine that complements model-based workflow.

It ensures data reliability under strong multi-core CPU and real-time OS
environments, supports most of the interfaces required by the latest technology,
and enables fast simulation in conjunction with a variety of model development
environments (Matlab/Simulink, C, Fortran, etc.). It also provides products
with a variety of functions, from deriving test needs
to managing large amounts of ICDs and accurate analysis and automation of test data.

Using REALTIMEWAVE’s SIL solution means that you don't spend a lot of time
building and setting up an SIL environment,
but only focus on actual tests. This already has a very
important factor in project success.

It's not about building an aircraft, it makes it possible to fly.
It is a complete solution for aircraft-level system integration testing in the laboratory.

Simulation Platform

Guaranteed Real-time performance Fully Integrated Test Environment

A complete and optimized solution
It provides a complete
solution optimized for SIL test requirements.
High quality/fast supply
High-quality products can be provided through
systematic testing, and products verified
with many applications and experiences
can be supplied quickly.
Various test analysis tools
You can experience new technologies
of the test through various analysis tools
that are accurate and consider user convenience.
Automation test environment
The overall test process from demand analysis
to test performance and results and document
derivation is automated. You can feel a new chapter.

Major products for SIL

Hardware Capability

Real-Time Simulation Computer
Ensuring strict real-time performance,
simulation model driving environment
Power Distribution Panel
All power supply and control required
for SIL and emergency power control
IO and Protocol
Fully supported IO Protocol required by
the latest technology, including all currently required IOs,
Real-time processing of all IOs
Power Control Unit
Control the power supplied to each LRU
Signal Conditioning Unit
Signal conversion and filtering to a level
suitable for ADIO required by the equipment to be tested
Real/Sim Switch
Easy transition between all LRUs
and simulation models linked for SIL.
Break Out Box
Error in the interlocking signal and signal disconnection
Signal Interface Panel
Interface panel for interworking
with the equipment to be tested
Custom Platform Service
Manufacturing/supplying various hardware
platforms that meet the needs of additional
SIL environment configurations

Software Capability

IO configuration of simulation computers (RN7 Series), including real-time simulation cores, real-time scheduling. It is responsible for all functions such as simulation, test management, and control. By running simulation software and flight algorithms, It enables error analysis.
Error injection
Various data (error) can be injected
for testing in abnormal situations
ICD Management
Importing a large amount of ICDs,
ICD integrity check, Xml
data generation for testing,
and managing ICD versions.
Realistic Panel Builder
The GUI environment for the LRU simulation model can be directly configured very easily and quickly by the user. You can adjust data andinject failures in the GUI environment.
Realtime Data Storage & Server
Test data can be stored, analyzed, and displayed in various ways through the real interface in real time.
Test Automation Toolset
As a requirement-based test automation tool, it supports various test automation functions such as traceability (TPS, test scenario), test procedure and item creation, automatic test script generation, test report support, and test automation through image matching technology.
Custom Software
Development Service
Developing a virtual model for HILS.
Development of HILS test management software.
Development of HILS visualization software.

RTNgine™ SIL Software Package





(Realtime Data
Storage Server)








RTNgineSTE, RTNgineCore, RTNgineDrv…etc

RTNgine Target EOS


avionics SIL

  • - Integrated system test environment for avionics computer function verification and software verification.
  • - Provides an interface for integrated testing of mission computers (MCs) and all aviation electronic equipment (LRUs)
  • - Real-time simulation environment
  • - Providing a simulated environment for aircraft armed firing tests (providing an environment of SMC simulation and guided missile simulation)
  • - Real-time analysis of data and provision of error injection environment for data communication verification and analysis.
  • - Providing an image generation device for displaying aerial vehicle flight images
  • - Providing a display and monitoring device for test operators.
  • - Provide an easy switching test environment for virtual models and actual equipment during the interlocking test.
  • - Flight environment model execution in real time.
  • - RTNgine SIL platform software provided.